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Warsaw – The capital of Poland stands today as the product of some of history’s most defining events. Follow us through the city and see all the best spots to visit here.

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For centuries #Warsaw has been a center of refinement and knowledge. Its strategic position has also made it one of the most invaded countries in Europe. Your #vacation here will bring you up close to the sites of these historic events in the Old Town and across Warsaw’s many monuments to the past.

Enjoy more historical sites along the Royal Route. Visit St Johns Cathedral and St Anne’s Church, whose interior miraculously survived the war. One of the few statues not destroyed by the German army is the mermaid Syrena, the symbol and protector of Warsaw.

Keep apace of the city’s stories at the many museums here. Visit the Palace of Culture and Science and the Copernicus Science Centre. Don’t miss Wilanow Palace, with luxurious artworks and formal gardens.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Poland’s economy has boomed, reflected in the luxury malls, such as Zlote Tarasy and the VITKAC Department store.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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