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Welcome to Oia, Greece, a small community residing on the northernmost tip of Santorini. While it’s now a relaxing holiday getaway for visitors from all over the world, this sleepy Aegean town, perched on the clifftops around a former volcanic caldera, once boasted a powerful merchant fleet.

Any tour of Oia allows you to see the remains of some of this power scattered throughout town. A number of captains’ houses, built in the 1800s, are positioned near the top of the caldera and feature commanding views of the town and the turquoise Aegean Sea. One of these mansions has been restored and repurposed as the Naval Maritime Museum, inviting you to stop by during your Oia sightseeing. While there, you’ll learn about the history of seafaring in the area. Check out the figureheads, old charts, antique equipment, and stunning architecture that features vaulted ceilings and terraced rooftops.

Oia tourism leans heavily on rest and relaxation. Many visiting artists were taken with the beautiful natural scenery and ended up moving to the island. As a result, Oia has a number of art galleries. Wander through the village’s narrow streets, stroll in and out of those galleries, and meander to a café overlooking the sea where you can continue to relax. You’ll realize exactly why these creative folks fell so deeply in love with Oia.

When you’re ready to bid the sun farewell, you’ll have a lot of company. Sunset is a big deal in this small community, and you’ll make new friends when you gather on Oia’s many viewing platforms to watch this spectacular event.

What will you do in Oia?

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