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For a unique view of London, UK, enjoy some sightseeing on the London Eye.

This giant Ferris wheel is over 400 feet tall, and it is one of the largest structures in the city. Some 3.5 million people ride it annually, making it one of the United Kingdom’s most popular tourist attractions. The Eye operates late into the evening, making it a perfect way to cap off a busy day of sightseeing. Believe us, if you thought London was lovely in the daylight, wait till you see it from the London Eye during the night—the city, lit up, is a glittering sight you’ll never forget.

Climb into one of the 32 air conditioned gondolas, sit down (or stand up!), and enjoy a London Eye tour. Every half-hour, the wheel completes a rotation, meaning you get a full 30 minutes to see the capital city from a height and angle previously only reachable by birds. On a clear day, you can see up to 25 miles in all directions. Now that’s a breathtaking view.

Have you ridden on the London Eye? What did you think?

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